Rockies Analyst Mailbag

Who are the Rockies trying to fool? This "change" with O'Dowd is "cosmetic" nothing else. How long do the Rockies think they can run this team like a toy? Sell the team! Like yesterday.

The Rockies aren't trying to fool anyone. They don't have many answers now but when things go bad they go really bad. What one has to do in such situations, and anyone in sports or life knows this, is retain composure and think clearly, make smart decisions and try to make something positive out of a tough situation.

If the Rockies don't significantly improve in the next season, I do believe Dan O'Dowd and likely Bill Geivett will be gone. Ownership, however, greatly believes in these men.

Let's take a deep breath and see what happens over the next year (especially the offseason and the draft, where the Rockies cannot afford a repeat of top-10 draft bombs Greg Reynolds, Casey Weathers, Ian Stewart and Chris Nelson). At first glance, the Rockies may have bucked that trend with their first-round choice in 2012 (a selection I originally questioned) - prep outfielder, David Dahl.

Better health will certainly aid in the standings. Development with the pitchers will too, where Drew Pomeranz, Christian Friedrich and Juan Nicasio must take big steps forward. Prospects Edwar Cabrera and Alex White have to prove they are MLB quality too.

Offensively, the return of Troy Tulowitzki helps restore faith too. 

I disliked the Ubaldo Jimenez trade but finally accepted it. He's not doing well in Cleveland but what really did the Rockies get out of it? I think Jimenez would have done pretty well if he stayed here, don't you? Instead, we just have "prospects" who aren't doing much. 

The Rockies did the right thing in trading Jimenez. There is no argument here. General manager Dan O'Dowd saw a falling stock and moved before most of its' value was gone. Jimenez looks old now.

The Rockies haven't got strong immediate dividends but Drew Pomeranz, Alex White (Triple-A), Matt McBride (Triple-A) and Joe Gardner (Double-A) all still hold varying degrees of promise.

Pomeranz, in my estimation, can still become anywhere from a no. 2 to a no. 4 starter. White could develop into no. 4 or 5 starter or possibly a useful reliever. McBride could be a spot starter with some bat (just not much power) and possibly a very nice pinch hitter. Gardner has regressed in 2012 but profiles to me as an effective middle-and-long reliever.

Even with all that uncertainty over defined roles, I think the Rockies win this deal - hands down.

Just curious, do you think Dan O'Dowd should be fired? Seems like most of your comments here and on the Denver Post lean toward wanting to keep him around?

I don't believe all the Rockies' problems lie on O'Dowd's shoulders, the injuries for example or the lack of ability to spend freely beyond a few big contracts, however the long run of mediocrity with only blips of success put the general manager's job on the line. I wouldn't terminate him just for the sake of doing something, anything different but if I saw the right replacement and felt I could hire that person, I would lean towards making such a move.

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