Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rockies shifting to be commended

Rockies' owner Dick Monfort
Dick Monfort is like any other business owner. He does as he sees fit. There really shouldn't be any problem with that either. If fans don't like it then don't buy the Colorado Rockies' product. The news that the Rockies are moving personnel around in the front office is not going to satisfy most fans but the Rockies are doing more than minor redecorating.

General manager Dan O'Dowd is still about player personnel and now focuses more on development, an area in which the organization certainly needs help. Assistant GM Bill Geivett, newly entitled the senior vice president of baseball operations,  puts his energy toward overseeing the Rockies on a daily basis and manager Jim Tracy, trying to steer that ship.

O'Dowd may have been spread too thin, especially for an organization not achieving its' goals. Something had to be done and Monfort has done it. 

Fans might be scratching their heads, wondering how all this is going to help but truth is that is not going to be known until the new approach is worked for some time, as into next year. Be assured, there will be clear signs of stagnation, further slippage, mild improvement or vast improvement. All people have to do is watch. The results (or not) will be transparent.

The Rockies might look foolish on this move in a year or two but give them credit for thinking outside the box, trying to problem solve, being creative and embracing change. That is to be commended.

Rockies' Prospects Spotlight

Outfielder Charlie Blackmon doubled, homered and raised his average to .329 on Wednesday at Triple-A. His long road back to the majors following injury is almost complete. He's hitting .424 in his last 10 games and I expect him back with the big-league club any day now. I profile him, however, as a fourth outfielder, long term, not a starter. There just isn't much power for a corner outfielder.

I've long projected Joe Gardner as a reliever and now that he's been removed from the rotation at Double-A Tulsa and placed in the pen, Gardner's prospect status is rising again.

In his last five games and 14 1/3 innings, his ERA is 0.63. As a starter, his ERA - 5.63.

Tom Murphy
Catcher Tom Murphy, a third-round pick in the 2012 draft, has bumped his average to .320 at short-season Tri-City. He has struck out 24 times in 27 games and has but seven walks but hits lefties and righthanders both and is showing the bat the Rockies liked when they scouted him.


Anonymous said...

Well they've looked foolish for the better part of 20 years, what the heck is another year or two. I like your line of thinking.

Rockies' Analyst Magazine said...

Well, exactly. At least the decision has been made to try an alternative approach and problem solve. If this doesn't work, and hey, it might, then the organization has to strongly consider new leadership.